The Wii gaming system has changed the way all ages look at playing games on the TV. The Wii is great for people with a disability, young kids, and people that just can't get into Xbox. We are over 50 ourselves and love the games. We play with kids as young as 3 and with old people. We like to play because you get off the couch and get some exercise. The problem is, the people that rate or give reviews on the games are in their early 20's and play mostly Xbox. They cannot understand a 5 year old kid and they don't hang with people over 50. So they write the review for 16 to 30 year olds. The ratings are a little off. We also think a rating system should only have three ratings not ten. So here is our rating on the games we have or have tried. Wii games cost so much that you need to know if the game is right for you. We hope this might give some new insight on the games. You can go online and read about the game for yourself. We will just tell you if the game is worth the price or not. Gamers are looking for a change in games. Lego Star Wars got a 9 with them, but bring out Lego Batman and the rating drops. Both games have the same game play. So if gamers do not see anything new they will drop the rating. We love all of the Lego Wii games so if one gets a 9 shouldn't all of them get the same score? They are looking for something new all the time. We are looking for something that our bank account will like.

Green Arrow - we feel you would enjoy this game and have hours of fun.

  green arrow  

Brown is just neutal. This game might be worth the money but will not give you hours of fun like a green arrow.

Brown Arrow

Red Arrow - You will waste your hard earned money. Just stay away from this game.

  Red Arrow  
  Green Arrow
Hours of fun. I will put this game down for weeks and then come back and play it some more. The little boy (age 4) next door loves this game. He is getting better with the controls. You can set the level for the way you drive. Rookie, Pro etc. You can drive anywhere in Radiator Springs. Ages 3 and up
This was the second game for Cars. We love the movie and this game has more racing than just driving around Radiator Springs. You race in new cities like Santa Carburera, Motoropolis, and Autovia. Not as much fun as Mater National. Ages 3 and up  
This game is only for 4 people. Not easy. You have lots of variations to the game. You can play easy or hard level. You will spend hours with this and not see the same game twice. Ages 10 and up.
We got this game for $15.00. We love this game. I still play it. I don't know why they didn't make Elebits 2. You can get this game for about $8.00 if you look around. Hours and hours of fun. Its a shooting game and you have to get things done in a timely manner. Also things to figure out before you move on.Each level offers new challenges and skills to finish before you go to the next level. Ages 4 and up  
This is one of the best party games ever made. Best for ages 10 and up. Hours and hours of fun. Some of it I would still like to know how to do. Some areas I am hung up on. But look out for the kittens. You will get every penny out of this game. If you like puzzles you will like this game. It involves dexterity, creative thinking and even games similar to Jenga.
Same as Boom Blox but a lot more. Still worth it. Hours of fun. Kids 7 and up will like this game. Adults can make a party night and have something for everybody.
One of the best games you can get. I'm only half way on the levels right now. Hours of fun. You can get this game for under $10.00. They should have made a Mercury 2. Not for little kids and some adults.
Ok, sometimes you just take a chance because the cover looks good. NOT. We like only two games out of 10 on the disk. Kids will like it but adults might not. Put your money into something good. Love the curling game.  
  Red Arrow
Thinking they would learn with the first game and improve it. NOT. So we play only the "pecanque" (like bacchi ball). The tennis is not bad.
  red arrow
NO way. I sold this one and others on eBay. Not one game was good to play for any age. You can get more for your money with other games.
Yes and NO. The yes part is Battle. I just cannot put it down. The kids age 7 and up love it. Battle went over so big you can play online. The Story Mode I just don't get. Can't get past the first zone or level. But there is just something about running around and dropping bombs on other player that is great fun. Just don't blow yourself up.
Love, Love, Love Star Wars. This game is one you will keep coming back to. It was one of my first games. Remember you can download the walk through online. You might need it. The way to play the Lego games is not to buy things that help you. Gamers can be over with this game in 6 hours of play. But if you keep the challenge and stay in story mode you will get hours of fun.
Still Lego but still fun. Not much change in all of the Lego games. You might make it through faster than Star Wars but again, do not buy anything that will help you.
The only thing about Batman is it is just like the movies - very dark. Hard to see some of the things you are looking for. Still a good Lego game.
This one will take me some time because we do not watch the Harry Potter movies. Just not into Harry Potter but then again all the Lego games are good. I do like the graphics.
Some of the games were good, but just not getting the hours of play out of this disk. Also very dark and hard to see the table.
Age 7 and up. This is one fast game. If you are a slow person don't buy this game. I love it.
We play all of the game on the disk. Love all the games and wish they would make more. Frisbee is just one of the fun games. Archery has some hidden items to hit. We have played a couple of the games with a 4-year-old.
Has a lot of areas but the roller coaster is the best part. Great for older kids.
We don't golf but on the Wii we do. I like the frisbee golf the best.
More of a laid back game and not for trying to get into the real golf adventure.
I love the tennis on the first Wii sports but this is harder because you have to use the nunchuck at the same time. Not what I was thinking when we got it. Not bad but just not like swinging the remote. You will need a wireless nunchuck for best play.
  Green arrow  
When we got this I was tired in one hour. So much fun. Lots to do. It will get you off the couch and worth the money for this game. I made a map of the ski hills. CLICK HERE to download pdf. You can use it with or without the balance board. Lots of areas to explore and challenges.
  Green arrow  
On the first game you can't just ski anywhere. They added a lot of fun hills, trees, caves and more. This game is a good workout. Working on a map for this one. We've only used it with the balance board. SEE VIDEO BELOW
  Green arrow  

This is a good youth game. I like it. You have to read a lot in the story. The controls change with area, so I made a Wii remote layout for me. If I lay the game down for weeks I forget what the buttons do. So stay with it. Fun.

    Green arrow  
We got the balance board when they first came out and still have them. My wife has over 900 hours on the board. She has been up and going in the morning with the Wii Fit. Puts in about 40 min each morning. This is very good for people over 40. It helps in keeping your balance. It offers a variety of games and exercise sequences. Over 300 hours on the board - Jan 2011.
  Green arrow  
Wii fit Plus. Has all of the games as the Wii Fit but has a lot more. Very good. The workout is much harder. Most people do not stay with the Fit program. It will not take off the cookies from the day before but it will keep your body on a good workout schedule. Just stay with it.
Bad thing is you cannot play all of the games on the wii board. Only one with levels. But the over all fun that you will have is good for the price. Wii Balance Board can be used. Not for little kids. Balance is the key with this game. It requires you to maneuver objects around different mazes.  
Ratatouille, if you loved the movie you will love the game. The only thing I cannot do is the dreams. Very hard to see where you are jumping.

Frisbee on Wii Sports Resort



Wii Sports Resort has lots of games. We play most of them. The Frisbee is one I love. Watch the video I made and let me know how you hit the balloons? I have a hard time with it.  

Wii Fit Plus take a fast run through the obstacle course.


I did it! I took a long time but I did it. I could make it to the end but the last four balls would get me. Play the video of me. It's the only time I have made it.

Play Video to see me race down the hill.

I made a map of the We Ski hills.

CLICK HERE to download pdf.

The only thing about Epic Mickey is you have to play it over and over to get all of the points. You cannot go back to a level and start. When you start the game you must go to the end. It will hold the points and items you get along the way. I played it three times and still missed some items. I hope Epic Mickey 2 is better in 2012. I know you will be able to play with two players on the newer game.