CAKES and Chocolate YUM c
  A 13-year-old had a birthday and saw this cake in a magazine. She asked, can you make this? So the cake was made. And has been made, over and over. It took first place for yearsin various baking contests. People love this cake. It got a little sad because we knew that if it was entered in a contest it would make the other cakes look bad. So we stopped entering it. The design has developed a little through the years, so now all of the parts are airbrushed and more dimensional and the tomatoes even have realistic looking seeds and divisions.    
How do you make a Castle Cake? Begin with sculpted ice cream cones. Notch the cake corners so the cones fit.
Add a center tower with sugar ice cream cones. Pipe in some details for the walls and windows. Add a "water" moat.
Candies for the top edge of the wall. Airbrush color on the towers... ...and flags at the tops of the spires.
Make the cake as detailed as you want... ...and don't forget the windows. 3D train cake
Thomas - We sculpted the face by hand Simple wedding cake used as a centerpiece Centerpiece for a party table
Cake had edible sparkles on the frosting. Sugar cubes to go with the cake. Small cookie hearts
How to make a chocolate gift. Cut the names so they are raised. Then get a glass or other things you can mold the food safe rubber in. After you mold the rubber, melt the chocolate and pour it over the mold. Let cool and harden and take out slowly. Now you have it. We took the same mold but changed the names as you can see at the right. We made some for gifts.
  Paper cut-outs for molding The outside part is made from Rock Hard spackle.
Red and Gold braid for making the mold. Food-safe rubber material makes the mold. Rubber must be melted slowly.
Edges to hold the liquid rubber in place. Liquid chocolate goes into the finished rubber mold. Final chocolate heart

Smile you just took 1st place

Another of the Cheeseburger cakes. Three layers.   Close-up of the "fillings" for the cheeseburger.