Ever wonder what Cinderella's Suite looks like at the Walt Disney World castle? We got to take a tour of it in 2009. Here are some pictures of the suite.  
There was a one-time sign-up online for passholders, but as soon as it opened, it got so busy you couldn't get online to register for the tour. Since we were going to be in the parks the day of the tours, we decided we would just hang around and see if there were any extra spots or no-shows. We finally found where they were going to be taking the printed reservations, and asked. The first girl told us there were no extra spots available, but another cast member told us to stay close by and they would try and find a way to get us in. About 10 or 12 other people had the same idea. One boy crowded in ahead of several people who were waiting, so we got separated, but it worked out well for us because Ray went in first and got the photos he wanted. Then he handed off the camera to Joanie for her part of the tour and told her what to look for and what pictures to take. The suite is quite small, but furnished very elaborately. It will sleep four people, but not much room to spare.
Mosaic at the Upper Entry to the Suite
Suite is behind the three arched windows Arches windows outside the sitting area China closet with glass slipper, crown and pumpkin
Ground level entrance to the private elevator Lobby entrance is always decorated The clock is always set to just before midnight.
Very ornate wall decor Clock and tapestry before entering elevator Side table with Ice and Water
Stationery on writing desk Writing desk next to bed Writing table with Stationery
Cinderella's crest above the first bed Both beds in the suite Bed chamber looking toward Fantasyland
Bed and writing desk Picture becomes a television screen Night table between beds
Tapestry in lower entrance Blanket chest with luxurious linens Tapestry in Suite
Bed chamber looking toward Fantasyland Windows in sitting room Windows in sitting room
Ceiling above toilet in bathroom Bathroom vanity mirrors and sinks Bathroom ceiling
Bathroom sink Tub area Tub area with mosaics
Ceiling in upper entrance outside elevator See elevator top on right of picture Chandelier in upper entrance