Disney changed the name from MGM Studios to Hollywood Studios back in 2007. So here are some pictures of both. The only thing that changed was the name. The best ride in the park is Toy Story. Lines are always long so make sure you get a Fast Pass first thing in the morning or they will be gone in the first couple hours. Toy Story is a full-screen 3D game that has different scenes like a county fair.  

Hollywood here we come

The big Sorcerer's Hat is the center of attraction Of course there is a character parade! The toy Army men march along with others.
Giant guitar outside the Rockin' Roller Coaster The ride goes from 0 to 60 in seconds. Chip and Dale hang out here a lot.
Tower of Terror elevator drops 13 floors. Right inside the park entrance The traffic cop is always on patrol
Can you do the High School Musical dance? Block Party parade is the new one Lots of characters and LOTS of vigorous dancing.
The Army men keep the crowds moving...... and keep the kids in line. The Great Movie Ride looks like the Chinese theater.
Muppets courtyard and fountain. The Muppets have a 3D movie Fountain from the movie Splash
Hollywood near Vine Street Vine Street This is one BIG hat!
Remember this scene from Fantasia? The Pixar lamp makes rare appearances. Entrance to the Toy Story ride
The inside waiting areas have larger-than-life props. Very authentic looking toys from childhood Mr. Potato head tells jokes and talks to the crowd.
This is the score card on your Toy Story ride car. More Toy Story props. Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Sorry game pieces...
Backstage tour. This is where you can see an oil rig burst into flames, right next to the tram car you are riding in. The heat is really intense. Then the entire canyon floods. After the ride they take you behind it to show you how it works. The tour also shows special effects and prop and costume departments.
  This looks like a little creek until the water tower bursts. Another look at the tram cars.
The Beauty and the Beast show is just like watching a Broadway play.
Lights, Motors, Action! This show was imported from Disneyland in France.
Stunt show at its best. Racing cars, screeching tires, people on fire, Motorcycles, Boats, Jet Skis, explosions, lots of jumps and very very close calls. If you like the thrill of smoking tires and action movies, this one is for you. We have never seen the cars hit each other, but they come within inches of each other. The cars are now showing dents that we haven't seen on earlier visits, so they must hit now and then, hopefully during practice and not in the actual show. Click the video below to see real footage from the show. The car hits an air bag on landing.


Watch video of cars in action

Slow to load

Indiana Jones Stunt Show Lots of noise, excitement, audience participation and surprises.