Epcot has a lot to see year round. The flower show in April and May, Christmas with Santas in all the lands, Food and Wine festival in the fall, and fireworks every night at 9:00.


For the Food and Wine Festival or the Flower show and each season, the arrangements in front of the ball change all the time.
The Land pavillion Before 2007 After 2007 Soarin' is the new ride - awesome! Updated decor at the top of the atrium
Sleeping Beauty by German pavillion Sleeping Beauty loves to pose for pictures A Living Statue by the Italian pavillion
The topiary displays for the festivals are amazing.
    Each country has special flower displays
    England always has a tea and herb garden display
    Always look for characters
This lady at the Japanese pavillion makes candy animals for children out of hot rice sugar candy. She works very quickly and usually can make an animal in less than 5 minutes.
Christmas at Epcot
The Christmas Processional with choirs and cast members singing. It is narrated by famous people each night.
Light displays change every year.

Something going on all the time.

Always look around. Look up and look down. Disney has a lot of hidden things to look at. There is so much detail in buildings and flowers and even clothing. You will always see something you never noticed before if you just keep your eyes open. They also have a book on hidden Mickeys. That's right, hidden Mickeys. Each park and Downtown Disney has lots of hidden Mickeys, so start looking.
Flower Power, baby and words like goovy. That's right, in the summer they have Flower Power at Epcot. Groups like The Love'n Spoon Full, Davy Jones (very good), and lots of other "oldies" groups. The performers change from year to year, but the music is almost always good.
Every day in front of the French Pavillion you can see the acrobat perform.