Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom Beginning of Everest ride First hill in Everest ride
Everest first hill Everest first hill and second drop "Snow" blowing off the mountain top
On the Everest ride Looking up at the track on Everest ride Track broken by the Yeti
Shadow of the Yeti Another drop on the ride Asia in Animal Kingdom
Building Everest in 2005 Under construction 2005 Late 2005
More construction Nearing completion late 2005 Almost done 2006
It will be open soon Almost open 2006 Final stages 2006
As passholders we get to ride the new rides before they open to guest. You get a sneak peak pin each time you ride. So we were on Everest 1 hour after they opened the gates. Loved it. We still ride Everest. Check out the Toy Story ride at Disney Hollywood. The sneak peak is also to test the ride to make sure the staff know how to get people on and off the ride. Toy Story did not have a pin.