Hawaii - Royal Caribbean Cruise 21 Days

This was one of our best cruises ever, a 21 day cruise from Ensanada, Mexico to the Hawaiian Islands and back again. Seas were a little rough for the first 3 days, but became calm as we neared the islands and had beautiful clear sailing the rest of the cruise. We saw all of the islands at least from a distance, but made stops on Maui, Hilo, the big island, Hawaii, Kaui, Oahu, and we even took the local ferry to see friends in Lanai.

To see the Tropical Botanical

Gardens on Hilo CLICK HERE

Dec. 28, 2003 - Jan. 18, 2004

Legend of the Seas - Maui

Legend of the Seas

Maui Hawaii Maui Hawaii Lanai Hawaii
Young people who canoed between Maui and Lanai. Canoe crew arriving in Lanai. Looking from Lanai to Maui in the background.
Atrium decorated for Christmas Huge gingerbread display in the atrium Kauai Twin Falls
View of Hawaii from our stateroom window. Our Inside Cabin 2025 Our Outside Cabin 2024 Sunset
Akaka Falls Hilo Honolulu Hawaii - sunset The Arizona
h lOld Lahaina Luau
Luau in Maui - digging up the roast pig Luau outdoor seating Luau musicians
Island dancers Luau dancers , Maui Maui
Maui Poolside Window washers on the ship
Maui Aquarium sea turtle More sea turtles Aquarium diver feeding fish
Rock wall Climber going up the wall Hang in there!
Chef food carving demonstration
Carving vegetables
Carved beet flower
Corey (Canada), Linda and Ron (Washington)
Dinner - Ron & Terry Server was Cleon back left
New Years Dessert
Servers dance most nights
New Years 2004
Serenade by the assistant waiter
Assembly of God church overlooking the ocean
Looking at Molokai from Lanai
hWaimea Canyon Kauai

Arriving 8:00 am

Leaving Kauai (Looking back)

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Hilo

To see the Tropical Botanical Gardens on Hilo




The TV in your cabin updates you on the weather and position.

A map tells you right where you are.

Leaving Hawaii