We got started in stained glass in 1981. Had no clue that we would be repairing glass in Germany for people with antique shops, teaching, and starting a business. We later changed the name to Heavenly Artworks because people were asking us to make other things for them. Here is just some of our work.



Our first logo

front door
Custom Rose Design Flyer for Classes Our front door
Ship for a gift More Class Flyers Victorian Design
I designed this lamp and people would ask if they could get their name on the lamp. So I started designing lamps with the artwork they asked for and the family name. Shipped some to the states from Germany. Fun to make but a little hard to cut some of the small glass. Many are still in peoples homes, almost 30 years later.
My lamp design Another side of the lamp
Multiple views of my lamp design    
Fan Light Our window in Germany with our designs Our glass studio in Germany
Lighted business sign Sign lit Small Disney character
Personalized window signs    
Terrariums I loved the little house. It had etching also. This was a very large house terrarium
Beveled in the center Color variation Small window design
Glass box with pressed flowers   Light the way
Dimensional design for Christmas Happy Santa
Christmas Sun Catchers
Geometric design
Craft fair display
More craft fair display
Night lights
Cross boxes with mirrored back panels
Mirrored shelf
The glass on the left was for a two star general. I was asked to design a shield that had things that this guy did in his military career. I would do the artwork on paper in full size first and then they would approve the design. I also did painting and airbrush for some other high ranking officials on Ramstain AFB in Germany. Our friend Dieter Niebaum kept me busy.
Custom made glass
Decorative Christmas trees
Second piece made 1981
A variety of designs
In our cabin in Montana