Screen printing, Stained Glass, ceramic decals, Airbrush, Water color, Oil Paintings, pen and ink, pop-up cards, pad printing, video taping, photo, web page design and commercial flyers, wood work, restored a 1968 VW. We could go on, but the list of things we have done or tried is just too long. Oh yes, we even bought a limo once just for fun, not business. So we love artwork and crafts. Here are just a few of the things we have done.  

We have made signs for years and have a Roland Plotter/Cutter. The cutter is 24" and can use some professional material. You can feed a thin kitchen cutting mat through with some removable roll-on glue on the mat to hold cardstock.

We have made large pop-up boxes that took a full 24" x 30". When you open the envelope the card comes out and pops up into a house. We used this one as a Christmas card. Check out the pictures.

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Click Here for pop-up box and Christmas cards

  Airbrushing and painting. Painting carries over to oil painting, tole painting, water color and even painting on some of the cards we make. Love to airbrush. We have airbrushed cakes, flowers, wood, Christmas cards and more. It brings out so much fine detail in everything.  

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stained glass castle cross

Our front door. We hand picked the glass from Hudson Glass Co. in New York. The beveled glass we got in Germany. When we moved we took the glass with us. Now we plan to build a box with a light behind it for display.

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Pop-up card Cross Stitch
castle basket
Another view of the pop-up castle card
Joanie's first hand-made egg basket
pen castle baske
Pen and Ink with chalk 1978    
free box Baskets - Stain the reed and weave. Had people over for a group basket making class in the 80's. First basket above.
Freehand Drawing Class 1982 Click Here for pop-up box and Christmas cards  
free At times I was asked to make gifts for some higher ranking officers in 1983. Dieter Niebaum was an aid to a one star general. I was asked to design and airbrush the Space Shuttle in the Air Force MAC colors. The general worked on the shuttle at one time. Military Air Lift Command was planning to use the shuttle for putting satellites in space. I liked it so much I made one for me, too. The stained glass was a gift for a guy that worked in three commands. I would make the design on paper and they would approve it. The painting below was my entry for the 25 years of the Minute Man Missiles. I took first place but the design had too much detail so they took the second one. Belt buckles, cups, shirts and other items were made. That's OK, we got the order for the shirts and cups.
Freehand Drawing Class 1982 The Air Force MAC Shuttle 1983
Ceramic Decal and Airbrush 1983 Gift for a new two star general 1987 Sorry picture is fuzzy and the only one I have

In 1984 I was asked to make a record and cassette cover for two singers in Germany. Dixie and Rochelle toured in Germany and sang for the troops. The name of the group was Assurance. We also made some custom shirts with the same logo on the back. We both worked on this one. Lot's of fun.

Assurance on WORD records and cassettes Sign for Assurance singing group
Check out our cards CLICK HERE Cakes CLICK HERE Cross stitch with little white pearl beads
Cross stitch clock Retirement quilt for Joanie's Dad Cross stitch for Joanie's Mom
Hummel class in Germany

First oil painting on left 1983 Painting in center was 1984 Painting on right was in the late 80'. When you have a business you never have time to do the things you would like to do.

Counted Cross stitch and needlework
Avon chess set. I needed a board so one was designed by me and made by Joanie. 1983
Found this old lamp at work. A little paint and I made the shades. Just like new. Got this idea to make clay leaves. Molded the leaf then airbrushed them. Put three in a stand I made and got a water pump. Used it for a party.
1982 Hard to see any detail in the picture.
One more gift for somebody in Germany 1983
Fast and easy airbrush 1982
Just more fun airbrushing
Yes, the snow is right. Snowmobile in Yellowstone sometime and you will see trees coverd in snow.
My grandmother invented this sandwich, the family has passed it down for years.
Ladies Christmas dinner poster. Made several kinds.
Designed a lot of shirts
College Silk Screen class
I like this shirt . Great Montana shirt!
Posters for church
Mother made this quilt in the 80's
Our first Christmas 1980 - Large Christmas card
Inside card
1980 Christmas tag
1980 layout for card
1979 layout for pen and ink

In 1982 I made this lamp in Germany. Other people saw it and asked us to make them one. Some come with the family name on two sides.

College freehand drawing class in Germany1982. Had to do a drawing a day. Some are with just one pencil. NO smearing allowed. Some are 3 pencils HB, 2H, etc
Other freehand drawings
1979 Luke 8:16
First Silk Screen shirt. This was the layout 1986
Airbrush class in Californa 1978. Had this idea in 1979 never airbrushed it.
Coffee cups. Lots of cups were made. Most of them personal. We made cups for the Montana State Fair.