How to cut out cards
Fun is just part of life. Start having fun now!

You can use any plotter or cutter. Check ebay for used sign equipment. Also check sales for older equipment with sign companies. We got this one years ago for $1,200. You can pick up some for $500.00. The best thing about using a professional machine is you can use art programs like Corel Draw. You can take any .WMF or download free artwork like .EPS and cut it. You can make and change other artwork in Corel, then bring it right in to the Roland Cut Studio, then cut it out. You do not have to buy any pre-made artwork, or cartridges. This cutter will cut vinyl for signs and other material. When people know you can make banners your friends list will get a lot bigger.

Use a 60° blade. Buy a kitchen cutting board very thin. Use roll-on removal glue. Then place the card stock on the mat. Place that in the cutter. Then do a test cut. After the cutter has cut, remove and peel it away. Have fun.


This is the way it looks in the computer. You can line up the cut on the screen and see what you have before it cuts. You can also do a Show Me cut. That will tell you if the blade is over the area you wish to cut.


Now that you see how the cutter works, lets move on to artwork. You can digitize artwork from clipart books or you can scan artwork and digitize over the top of it. Changing the artwork just a little and making cool stuff makes it even more fun.


Here we took a layout and changed the points to form what we needed.


Cut any font or change the font like the card above.