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   February 17, 2011


Retirement. Heavenly Artworks had a variety of specialties throughout the 20+ years in business. We began as Heavenly Glassworks creating stained glass in 1983, but as demand for additional types of art increased we adopted the new Heavenly Artworks name. Heavenly Artworks made T-Shirts, Hats, Signs, Coffee cups, Ceramic Decals, Stained Glass, Pad Printing items, Photos for business use, and more. It was exciting to see some of our shirts on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show, and featured in the local newspaper. Our ceramic decal business gained national notice from other manufacturers and we received some free advertising from some of those national companies. Those moments in the spotlight help boost the ego. But all good things must come to an end and now we have retired. As you will see from the photos here, business was good, and now retirement has also been good to us.

We started traveling more extensively beginning after retirement. Since then, we have found that we really enjoy cruising. We have been to the Western Caribbean several times, we took a 21-day cruise to Hawaii and back, and our latest and longest cruise was from western Florida, through the Caribbean, into the Panama Canal and up the west coast, finally arriving in Vancouver, British Columbia. What an amazing trip! We plan on continuing to cruise from time to time because there are always new places to explore.

Take a look at our past business ventures and our new focus on travel and fun. Our interests now are as varied as our business specialties were in the past. There has rarely been a dull moment at any time in our history.



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