I have liked Legos for years. I had a lot more but over the years sold some I wish I didn't sell. But you only have so much room to put things. I have some Legos from the 1970's and some with the boxes and instructions. I even have some of the first Legos where the people have no arms. You just cannot grow up! Stay a kid. The yellow castle below is one of the first theme sets of the castles. I got this one in Germany in 1982. I had the box but just could not get them to pack it right so I left it. Sad. But I have some like kit 659, 696 and others that have never been opened. We took a trip to the Rhine River one year and I was looking in stores at Legos. But hidden under the new ones were very old ones. I was in love. We went store to store looking for Legos. I found some very old kits from the 70's.
Legoland - I had a art teacher (1968) that loved to take students to Denmark. He would talk about Legoland and keep Legos on his desk for students to play with. Lego is an art, just ask me. YES, we have been to the Legoland in Denmark in 1984. I have a 90 min video of our trip. That is a must trip for Lego lovers. Check out what adults can do with Legos on the web. Full time job with Legos all day. Sign me up. We also went to Legoland in California 2002. They are building a Legoland in Florida to open in 2012.

Check out some of the Legos I have. I have some that are not put together yet but when I find room I will update the web site.

First Castle kit 375 Year 1978 Yellow castle was the first theme for castles. Tell us again why we can't touch?
1720 Cactus Canyon Pack Year1994

687 Caravelle Plane set released in 1973. It contained 49 pieces. With box.

6682 Cement Mixer set released in1985 With Box
People with no arms. 659 Police Patrol with Policemen. Released in 1975. 49 pieces. 616 Cargo Ship Released in1976 No arms - 615 Fork Lift with Driver. Released in1975. With box. (2 sets)
607 Mini Loader and 6607 Service Truck. Released 1982 671 Shell Tanker. Released in 1978 6565 Construction Crew. Released in 1997. It contains 73 pieces. Included are 3 Construction Vehicles.
210 Cowboys Released 1976 970 Lighting Bricks Released 1978 Legoland Denmark key chains and Tickets 1984
From Lego town 1970's 6690 Snorkel Pumper Released in 1980 6611 Fire Chief's Car Released in1981
  6606 Road Repair Set Released in1983 Crane With Lego town
Legos in Washington D.C. got to see lots of towers on display