Of course the Magic Kingdom was patterned after the original Disneyland in California. You enter the park on Main Street U.S.A. The basic layout is the same as the California park, but Florida's Magic Kingdom does not have a Matterhorn ride. One thing about the Magic Kingdom here in Florida - It is ALWAYS changing. The additions include new rides, fireworks and light shows, and even the different parades.  
  You cannot visit the Magic Kingdom just once a year and think you've seen it all. They change the seasons with different times of the year. Sometimes it's decorated for Easter, or Fall or Halloween and especially for Christmas. It even snows once in a while! Always be on the lookout for different characters. You never know which unusual character might show up next.  
Mad Hatter and Alice riding the teacups    
Alice and the White Rabbit   Space Mountain
Buzz Lightyear ride - He moves and talks   Castle for the Year of a Million Dreams
The Princesses prepare for Cinderella's wedding Pluto on a parade float Chip and Dale - Do you know how to tell them apart?
Sleeping Beauty's fairy godmothers Cinderella's fairy godmother  
Cinderella's mouse friend Fantasy castle Peter Pan and Wendy
Jafar Captain Hook and Smee Alladin
Which dwarfs are these? Pinocchio More Pinocchio characters
Mickey's float   Cinderella's step-family
Wicked Stepmother and Ugly Stepsisters Dumbo ride Topiary
Minnie's house (removed in 2012) Mickey's side yard Mickey's house (removed in 2012)
Family Fun Day Parade runs most afternoons.
Kids have pompoms or play tambourines
Families are picked to march along with the parade
Winter topiaries in the Crystal Palace restaurant
It's a Small World was made over a few years ago.
New, more vibrant colors
We love the Main Street musicians
You don't often see two groups perform together
Beauty and the Beast with audience participants
Cast members play with kids waiting for the parade.
Wow! Nice jump!
Always extra cute displays
Parades, scenery, rides, fireworks, princesses, what more could you ask for?
Cinderella is our generation's favorite
Belle is the next generation's favorite
Sleeping Beauty - Aurora is always beautiful