Montana - Love it !

Quiet beauty on a float trip on the Missouri River between Helena and Great Falls parallel to Interstate 15. Montana is one large state, only one area code (406) and less than 1,000,000 people.



Winter pictures are further down the page.

We miss our cabin at Glacier Bible Camp just 10 miles from Glacier National Park. The camp is in Hungry Horse, Montana.        
Missouri River between Helena and Great Falls
Missouri River in summer
Missouri River along Interstate 15
The mighty Missouri nestled in the mountains
Beautiful Montana mountains
Lazy summer float trip
I-15 Overpass and a home river access
Coming up to some shallow rapids
Missouri River - deeper and swifter than it looks!
Majestic mountains surrounding the river
Interstate 15
I-15 overpass over the Missouri River
I-15 Looking into Idaho
I-15 How many cars do you see?
I-15 Looking into Montana
Feb 2001
Feb 2001
Feb 2001
Feb 2001
Feb 2001
Dec. 3 2002
Dec. 3, 2002
Nov. 1 2002

April 3, 2003

April 3, 2003

Icicles March 2002
March 2002
Not exactly BBQ weather March 2002
March 2002
May 7 2002
Nov. 10, 2000
Spring meltdown May 9, 2001
Snow Day year 2000
Glacier Park by Train
Glacier Park by Train
Fires of 1988 - See the elk in the river
Crushed by snow. Lots of snow that year near Glacier.
South of Great Falls about 20 minutes.
I-15 on the way to Helena, Montana. We would float the Missoula river in this area

Montana Chicken Dance