Holland America Line

MS Ryndam


April 18 - May 9, 2010

22 days

MS Ryndam Cabin E-798

From Tampa, Florida U.S.A.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Stops along the way:

Grand Cayman, Santa Marta,Colombia, San Blas Islands, Panama, Panama Canal, Fuerte Amador, Panama, Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica, Puerto Chiapas, Mexico, Huatulco, Mexico, Acapulco, Mexico, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, San Diego, Calif., Victoria, British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia


Mariner Society Appreciation Party

Panama Canal Crossing Luncheon

Mariner Society Lunch

Pinnacle Grill Dinner

There was a wonderful room with large video screens and comfortable seating with high backs where they did daily culinary demonstrations. It was just like watching the Food TV channel, except you could smell the dishes and you got a small taste of most things they made after they finished.
Santa Marta, Colombia
Panama Canal
The crossing of the Panama Canal was a once in a lifetime experience. Seeing it on travel programs is one thing, but really being there was absolutely amazing. We even got shots of the gates from our state room window as we went through. We started before dawn and it took about 8 hours to get through the final set of locks on the other side. There have to be two ships going through at once because the water transfers from one half of the canal into the other side to raise or lower the water level.
This is looking at the lock gates from our stateroom window.
Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica
We went to a coffee plantation where we saw the plants, how they were harvested and processed. They fed us a fabulous lunch. Beans and rice, and native dishes. There were a lot of tropical plants and flowers throughout the plantation and surrounding countryside.
Puerto Chiapas, Mexico
This is a beautiful port, only developed in the past 3 years. The dancers danced over an hour outside, and continued to dance inside the pavillion the rest of the day. There were many costume changes during the day. It was all very colorful and entertaining.
Huatulco, Mexico
We took a catamaran ride around 5 different bays in the area. We passed a place where the water shot out of a blowhole in the rocks. Ray got to swim in the warm water and walk on the beach for a short time.
Acapulco, Mexico
On our stop in Acapulco we took a taxi van ride through town and noticed all the VW taxis. We got to go and see the cliff divers from a nice restaurant right by the cliffs. The view was wonderful and the diving was spectaculor. Small boats sit nearby while the diving is going on so they get another view of the action.
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
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