Pop up box and Christmas cards
The box will fold down and fit in a envolope, then open to full size when taken out. A rubber band makes the box open. A card fits into the opening in ghe box. Small cards in little envelopes can be included inside the box. They fold down with the box and fit into the larger envelope.

Christmas cards. Cut names and snow flakes

Christmas card in computer design stage. First stage of cut-out card Card attachments

Add a little snow.

Cards folded and ready for embellishment   Attach a snowflake and personal greeting.

Christmas in a box

  Greeting inside the box
Diagram for construction the card
Sometimes you just have to dream things up. The hard part is taking the time to make the cards. This one was hard to make. Had to design the tree and fold it. The rest of the card was easy. The insert card showed how to construct the finished card. The box became the platform for the tree and gifts to sit on.