I hope you get to see a shuttle launch before they stop sending them up. We have seen about 5 of them now. Some were at night and that is something to see and hear, the roar of the engines and how bright it is. Some people live in Florida and have never seen the shuttle go up. We can see the shuttle from our house and you can see the two rocket boosters drop off the sides. My dad worked on the Atlas and Titan missile in California back in the 60's. My family got to see a missile test launch from Vandenburg AFB when I was 10. It was great.    
2007 launch day at NASA 2007 2007
Nov 16, 2009 From our house Nov 16, 2009 Nov, 16 2009
Nov 2008 Our first night launch Nov 2008 Nov 2008
Nov 2008 NASA museum buildings  
    NASA "Missile Garden"
  Older missiles in the courtyard