The Smithsonian consists of 11 total museums. Most are in the downtown D.C. area, but a few are spread out further. It can take up to a full day just to look at one of them. One of our favorites is the American History museum. You can spend several hours just on the first floor. It's funny and a little sad to see that some of the things we had as kids are now in the museum on display. Another museum we didn't have much time for is the Native American museum. It is beautiful both inside and out, and contains a vast amount of knowledge about different tribes across the country, their lifestyles and their history.   Taking in all of the Smihsonian Museums in just a week is hard on your feet. We also got to see twice the Steven Udvar-Hazy Center by the Dulles Airport about 30 min. out of D.C. That is a must see and they are adding on to it. It houses the Enola Gay B-29, Space Shuttle, Concorde, Super Constellation, Blackbird SR-71, Rockets and the space craft from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and a lot more.  


We got to see all of the American memorials but one you must take in is the Holocaust memorial. We got to see Dachau in Germany but this will take you back a little. People were moving slow and reading everything. So quiet in the museum. Pictures and items from the war.

You are my witnesses

Isaiah 43:10


Old Post Office with bell tower


Bells at the top (photo not good, sorry)

American History Musem
Julie Childs kitchen

Postal Musem

Building Musem

Steven Udvar-Hazy Center

Union Station

The station was restored in 1989. You must see it when you go to D.C. Just think about all the trains that came and went back in the 1920's. It was the hub at the time. We took the train to D.C. and New York City.

War Memorialss


World War II Memorial
Arlington National Cemetery
Air Force