Star Wars Weekend Star Wars Weekend

Disney does Star Wars Weekends every year in the late spring. They have people who worked on the movies or some of the main characters as guests, and have the characters in costume walking around Hollywood Studios throughout the day posing for pictures and doing skits. Many of the park guests come in complete costume. We have attended several, but the best was the 30th anniversary of the first movie. There were a lot of guests in costume, but the street weren't crowded.      
May the Force be with you! Storm Trooper at Hollywood Studios Storm Troopers guarding entrance
Jedi training for ages 5 to 12 Your kids get to fight Darth Vader Chewie and Ewok
    The Emperor
    Storm troopers everywhere
    Park guests in costume
  Take that, you big ugly creature! Don't eat me!
Star Wars parade Jedi Mickey grand marshall Young Jedis in training  
Pilots   Chewie
Jedi Training